What is the Best Replacement for a Missing Tooth?

Dental implants and cosmetic dentistry

Hands Down, the Best Tooth Replacement Option

Permanent dental implants are the optimal tooth replacement available to men and women who are missing teeth.

Are you too old for an implant?

Age is rarely a factor. Dental implants have proven to be successful for people of all ages. They have a succesful track record of several decades.

A permanent dental implant is a metal (usually titanium) post anchored into the bone to replace the missing root. The crown and supporting structure are securely and permanently attached to the post.

Titanium is Strong and Biocompatible

Titanium is amazingly strong and extremely well tolerated by the human body. There are very few instances of rejection.

An Implant Can Last The Rest of Your Life

Tooth implants offer a long-term solution to tooth loss.

Are you an appropriate candidate for tooth implant surgery?

Because the metal rod is anchored into the jaw bone, it is essential that you have enough healthy bone at the implant site. Dr. Gray can determine if you do.

Talk to an Implant Dentist About Medical Issues

There are a few health concerns that may affect your eligibility for implants. These include diabetes, osteoporosis, radiation therapy for cancer, parathyroid disorders, bone disorders and leukemia. The presence of one or more of these does not necessarily mean an implant cannot work for you.

Discuss any health concerns with Dr. Gray during your dental implant consultation.

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