Am I a candidate for dental tooth implants?

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Tooth Implants?

If you are missing teeth and are in good general health, you may be a candidate for dental tooth implants. Having healthy gums and adequate bone to support the tooth implants improves your success rate for dental implants surgery. It also helps if you are free of chronic disease or systemic problems and are a non-smoker. You should realize that regular home care (brushing and flossing) are still needed to care for your tooth implants and you will want to maintain regular dental check-ups. Dr. Gray can help determine your eligibility for the implant dentistry procedure.

What if I choose not to replace my lost teeth?

What If I Choose Not to Replace My Lost Teeth?

Missing teeth affect the way the jaw closes, and may cause bite and jaw joint problems (like TMJ). The remaining teeth begin to tilt and drift into the gaps. It can become difficult to eat and chew food. Food can become trapped in the spaces, increasing the risk of decay. Over time, the jawbone will disintegrate, making dental restoration difficult or impossible. When teeth are missing, the shape of the face is altered. Missing teeth affect confidence and well-being, potentially interfering with social and professional opportunities.

Are tooth implants expensive?

Are Tooth Implants Expensive?

Dental tooth implants can involve a significant investment, however their fees are within the reach of most patients. Your cost will be determined by a number of factors involving your bone level and the type of restoration you choose to use to restore your mouth. Unlike most dental crowns, bridges or fillings which would probably need to be replaced at least once, dental tooth implants can last a lifetime with proper dental hygiene and may actually result in a significant savings over a lifetime to our patients. Patients who have completed the process indicate that the improvement in their life and health was well worth the investment and that they would do it again. Dr. Gray’s San Diego dentist office in La Mesa can provide you with a variety of payment and financing options.

Will my insurance cover implant dentistry?

Will My Insurance Cover Implant Dentistry?

You will need to verify your individual insurance benefits since there is great variation in coverage between dental plans. Portions of the implant dentistry procedure may be covered, but it is likely that the tooth implant itself will not be a covered benefit. While you are at your complementary implant dentistry consultation appointment at Jeff Gray DDS in La Mesa, we can provide you with a variety of payment options to help you fit your new smile into your budget.

Is the implant dentistry procedure painful?

Is the Implant Dentistry Procedure Painful?

As with any surgical procedure, there can be some minor discomfort with implant dentistry. Local anesthesia and even sedation can be used during the procedure to keep you very comfortable. The vast majority of patients report that they have minimal discomfort the day after the tooth implants are placed and most are amazed that they feel so normal. Dr. Gray may prescribe pain medication for use following the implant dentistry procedure, and he encourages patients to stay in contact should they become uncomfortable afterwards.

Will I have to miss work to get dental tooth implants?

Will I Have to Miss Work to Get Dental Tooth Implants?

Most people are able to comfortably return to work the day after receiving dental tooth implants, and many people return the same day. The new advanced implant dentistry techniques of placement used by Dr Gray are often non-surgical so many times they do not even require sutures.

How long does the implant dentistry treatment take?

How Long Does the Implant Dentistry Treatment Take?

For the placement of most tooth implants the office appointment time is under 2 hours and they would normally take just 6 weeks to integrate or “connect” to the bone.

Will I have to go without my dentures or teeth during the process?

Will I Have To Go Without My Dentures or Teeth During the Process?

In most cases, no, and especially if it is a front tooth. You will leave being able to smile comfortably. Dr Gray will discuss this with you, and the entire process will be planned to have the least amount of interruption or inconvenience to your life.

What is the implant dentistry success rate?

What Is the Implant Dentistry Success Rate?

Dental tooth implants are among the most successful dental procedures performed. While there is no guarantee that an implant dentistry procedure will be successful, recent studies have shown the success rate near 95%. Tooth implants have been used for several decades, and when properly cared for by the patient (brushing, flossing, regular dental exams), they can last a lifetime.

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